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Photo by Dennis @freediver87

Soul scuba divers team

Soul Scuba Divers is a scuba diving center on Kri Island in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. We pride ourselves on offering  fun diving experiences, but safety and thorough planning is the cornerstone of our diving operations. Visit our FAQs page to learn more about our safety procedures and the dive experience you can expect to have with us.

For us, scuba diving isn't just about looking at creatures underwater.  It allows us to explore the world—and ourselves—in a fulfilling, transformative way. It connects us to nature, compels us to travel the world and invites us into the amazing international community of scuba divers.

We greatly appreciate being  a part of the local community of Raja Ampat. Our mission is to hire local people from Raja Ampat—and also workers from other parts of Indonesia—to be longterm parts of our team or help us with projects such as building our dive center and speed boat.  Our top priority is to protect the precious marine and terrestrial environments in Raja Ampat, which is why we organize education and conservation projects within the local community. Learn more about their community projects here.




Thibault Bancillon is the owner of Soul Scuba Divers. Thibault is from France and loves meeting people from all corners of the world and sharing his passion for the underwater world. He deeply cares about the  people of Raja Ampat and is proud to partner with the local families on Kri. He cherishes working hand in hand with locals and spreading environmental awareness.


Superpower: 'Kindest heart in Raja'   

Weakness: struggles to say "no"




Anni is the dive operation manager of Soul Scuba Divers. She was born in Finland and has been living in Indonesia for 6 years now. In that time, she has worked as an instructor and manager in many different dive centers all around Indonesia.


When she is not in the office or in the water, you can probably find her walking up and down the jetty looking walking shark.

Superpower: turns all the divers into macro lovers    

Weakness: Finnish / collecting wounds



Nico is the technical operation manager. He was born in Ambon, moved to Raja Ampat in his early years and has been working as a mechanic in several dive resorts in Raja Ampat.



Ocean team

Fatur Instructor



Fatur was born in Central Sulawesi in the Togean Islands.


His strengths lie not only in his ability to entertain and interact with

guests but in his diving skills.

Superpower: always laughing     

Weakness: dad jokes

dive guide
Darwis SSI DIve guide



Our most experienced dive guide from Ternate.

Darwis is always ready to take you safely to the most amazing dive sites and will help you checking boxes for whatever you want to see. From megafauna to super macro - he will find it all for you.


Superpower: he is as versatile as a swiss army knife

Weakness: we still haven't figured out a way to clone him



Zadrak is from Yenbuba village. He is one of our local Papuan dive guides. 

Zadrak used to be a coral gardener for SEApeople and has strong knowledge about different corals and the restoration of coral reefs. You can see his handwork on the dive sites like Yenbuba Jetty and Sawandarek. He will show you the beautiful underwater world for you. 






Yanton is a long time dive guide in carer, he start scuba dive when he was 15 years old since 1998 with oldest divers community's in Manado North Sulawesi (NDC). Expert in his career as dive guide he work around Indonesia, from dive center resort and live a board. 

He smile at you  most of the time, energetic one, and he will make your dive enjoyable.

Superpower: Duracell bunny

Weakness: Loudest voice when he talk




Iklas was born in North Sulawesi, and raised in Togean Island, a village called Ketupat. 

Despite his young age, he has been working at a few resorts in Togean, Bunaken, and Raja Ampat before he started working at Soul scuba divers.

His passion is playing guitar and you can hear him play and sing at our Lounge or at the Jetty in the evening.

Superpower: Quick learner and suck information to himself like a sponge


Luki captain



Luki is our main captain and AUX cord genius. He has been driving boats in Raja Ampat for 25 years and is originally from Ambon on the Maluku Islands. Luki is waiting for our divers with a big smile and a cup of water after diving.


He was with us during the whole COVID period despite the closure of our dive center.


Superpower: most experienced captain in the area   

Weakness: choice of playlist

Sultan Captain



Sultan  was born in Labuan Bajo, Komodo. He's the one who drove our biggest boat, 'Anna' all the way from Bali, not an easy ride!

In the evenings, you can often find him listening to Spanish music by the dive center, while working on another of his incredible paintings.

Superpower: Picasso of the team

Weakness: too kind




Anca is from Ambon, Maluku. He have been living in Raja Ampat sense long time. He is multi talent, he used to be one of the first dive guides in Soul scuba team. 

He is talented captain, he used to be one of the first dive guides in Soul scuba divers. He knows Raja Ampat underwater and on land.



boat crew
Papa Juliano

Papa Juliano


One of our captains and all round helper. 

Papa Juliano always manages to be in the right place at the right time. Whenever you need a helping hand just look up and he'll be waiting.

Superpower: friendliest smile on Kri  

Weakness: will only speak to you in Indonesian, even if you don't have a clue what he's saying.




Rayl was born in Yenbubai village on Mansuar island.

You can see Ray on the Anna boat as a boat crew. He is always smiling, handing you water after your dives, and changing your tanks after dives. 

Superpower: Mister Smiley

Weakness: Speaks English but bit shy to impress himself




Marcel was born in Ambui village on Batanta island.

Even though he's not a dive guide, he's great at finding wildlife at the surface or on land.

Superpower: bubble detecter

Weakness: spends half of his salary on video games

Land team



Kane  is from Ambon, in Maluku region. 

Kane will make sure your scuba cylinders are always filled. Kane is son of Stenly and he is also skilled in compressor maintenance.  

Superpower: He is always in the right place in the right time

Weakness: Kane without wrestling skills

Thina & Novi

Thina & NOVI


Thina is from Yenbuba village, she is Novi's mom.

Novi enjoys planting different vegetables and fruits with Thina in our little garden.

Superpower: Super mama

Weakness: she has already fried all the bananas on Kri




Inzar  is from Yenbuba village, Mansuar island. He is our carpenter and handyman around. He has built the new dive center and furniture that you can see in our Lounge.

Superpower: Multitasker 


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