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Raja ampat last paradise

Help to protect the raja ampat

The importance of National park fees it’s to keep the place as a paradise condition.
Money its going towards to the local rangers who make sure that there isn't legal fishing around the marine park, legal logging and do check ups in the homestay to make sure that everyone has the national park card.
Money is also used for people working in National park office and different environmental programs to support the Manta rays and local awareness of the waste management. 

We as a dive centre want to rase the awareness of the work what is done over here by marine park and its mandatory to have the marine park card to be able to visit and dive the islands around Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat it’s a marine national park within 2179 islands, 141 villages and accommodate almost 70 000 people in Raja Ampat region. Raja Ampat marine park area covers more than 8,034 km²

HOw to apply marine card 

Here is how to apply the national park card in Raja Ampat

Via Whatsapp

Nana  +62 852-4302-2825

Yoan +62 821-9845-0540
Olivia +62 812-7274-1714

Via email



you can sent picture of your passport and we will apply and pay the marine card for you.
When you reach Wasai you can go and collect this in the National Park office.

We will add the fees into your invoice and you will pay your bill end of your stay. 

Marine Park Entry Price:

  • International Visitors: IDR 700,000

  • Indonesian citizens: IDR 425,000

  • Children under 12yrs do not require a permit

  • All permits are valid from 12months of date of purchase


Entering the Marine Park without this card is in breach of  Regulations, and can be penalized with expulsion from the Marine Park.
Paying the marine park fees you will support the Raja Ampat to keep its unique paradise stage like it is. 
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