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We are  fully dedicated to supporting locally owned businesses in Raja Ampat. In an effort to support them, we have agreed not to dive with guests staying at homestays with local dive centers. Therefore, if you'd like to stay at any of the following homestays with dive centers we are not able to take you diving: Lumba Lumba, Yenkoranu, Delvin, Luki and Koranu Fyak / Wobbegong Dive Center. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. If you'd like to dive with us we partner with various locally owned homestays that are happy to send their guests to us for diving. The first we recommend is Yenbuba Homestay, listed below. Contact us for info about other homestays we partner with.

Respect marine life

Don't touch anything. Ever. We repeat this in our dive briefing before every dive. 

Use reef safe sunscreen. One of the rules we ask our divers to respect is to only use reef safe sunscreen before diving with us. We have small bottles of reef safe sunscreen for sale, but our resources are limited. If you’d like to learn about how non reef safe sunscreen is damaging coral reefs, check out this article by Chasing Coral

dive safely

Respect your own diving limits. We adapt the dive plan according to our diver's experience and arrange groups based on experience level. Our certified divemaster has been diving in Raja Ampat for a minimum of six years. We put four divers in a group with one of our divemasters. We draw a map of each dive site and do thorough briefings before each dive. 


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