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what to expect

Diving with us

Photo by John Haskew

Our philosophy

Respect marine life

Please never touch anything underwater. Ever. We repeat this in our briefing before every dive. 

We also ask our divers to only use reef safe sunscreen before diving with us (or none at all! A hat and a buff will also keep you safe from the sun). If you’d like to learn about how non reef safe sunscreen is damaging coral reefs, check out this article by Chasing Coral

dive safely


Respect your own diving limits. We adapt the dive plan according to our diver's experience and arrange groups based on experience level. Our certified divemasters have been diving in Raja Ampat for a minimum of four years. For our open water diver groups, we put four divers maximum with one of our divemasters.  For advanced diver groups, we put a maximum of 5 divers in one group.  We draw a map of each dive site and do thorough briefings before each dive. 


We try to tailor the schedule to our divers' wishes, but the tides and currents are king in Raja Ampat. Jumping at the right place at the right time is key to having a safe and enjoyable dive in Raja Ampat. This is why we pride ourselves on understanding how the tides affect the currents and knowing the underwater topography of every dive site.

Apart from a few dive sites, all of the dive sites we visit can be enjoyed at relatively shallow depths. We insist that our divers never go past the no-deco limit and always complete a safety stop.  There is no hyperbaric chamber in Raja Ampat, so we put safety as the number one priority. We have an emergency action plan established in the unlikely event of an accident. 

Diving Equipment + facilities

All of our high-quality diving equipment is regularly serviced by our on-site certified equipment technician. We have a variety of sizes and types of equipment in order to provide the safest and most comfortable diving experience possible for our divers. We always bring spare tanks, BCD, regulator, and masks on board in case they are needed. We provide SMBs (surface marker buoys) for every diver. 


Our dive boat, Aline, has two Yamaha 100 HP four stroke engines and was purchased in September 2019.
End of 2022 we got our new additional boat called Anna. Anna has two Yamaha 100hp, 4 stroke engines.
We always have 100% oxygen on board both boats, as well as a first-aid kit and servicing kit for equipment. 

Our dive center is located on the Northwest Coast of Kri next to Yenbuba Homestay. We don't own any accommodation but there is many homestay's near by to choose from.
Please book your accommodation at a homestay on Kri that doesn't have a dive center or else we can't take you diving (the following homestays on Kri have a dive center, so if you stay at any of these, we can't take you diving: Yenkoranu, Lumba Lumba, Koranu Fyak, Delvin, Waranus, or Lukson).


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