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Blue Oceans

Soul Scuba Divers is an SSI Registered Training Center. Check out our profile on SSI's Training Center Locater. We offer Open Water Courses up to the Divemaster course. Our instructors can speak and conduct courses in English, French, Spanish, German and Indonesian. All of the prices below include the instructor, certification fees, online course material, scuba gear, boat fees, etc. There are no hidden costs.

discovery dive

1 dive: 1.100.000 IDR

2 dives: 2.000.000 IDR

Would you like to try scuba diving for the first time? Or perhaps you did try it but it's been a few years. Doing a discovery dive is a great way to get your feet wet and decide whether or not scuba diving is the hobby for you. Scuba diving along the reefs of Raja Ampat is truly a privilege that one should take advantage of if making the trip all the way to Raja Ampat. Although the currents can be strong in Raja Ampat, we conduct our courses in calm areas where you won't have to struggle with any current. 

For the first discovery dive you will be one on one or in a small group with an instructor. After a long briefing given by the instructor you will learn how to use your gear on a basic level. You will also be taught the four basic skills you will have to perform underwater. After doing those skills you will be able to enjoy swimming peacefully along the reef and marvel at the abundant sea life going to a maximum depth of 6 meters. If you choose to do a second discovery dive you can go up to 12 meters.

skills refresh

1 dive:
900.000 IDR

2 dives: 1.700.000 IDR

You're a certified diver but it's been longer than one year since you did your last dive. A skills refresh is just what you need to shake off the cobwebs by reviewing the important principles and skills of scuba diving. After a skills refresh with one of our instructors you will be able to join the fun diving groups.

Open water

6.500.000 IDR
4 dives

An open water diver is technically an autonomous diver who can go up to 18 meters deep. They can join other certified divers on fun dives led by a divemaster. The Open Water Course is the first step in becoming a competent, skilled diver. The course is very complete, covering many underwater exercises and theoretical concepts essential in knowing how to dive safely. 

Soul Scuba Divers Open Water Course is made up of two confined water dives that are basically skill sessions. Next students go on four open water dives with their instructor, practicing skills such as using a compass underwater or releasing a surface marker buoy, while also seeing the amazing underwater world of Raja Ampat. The course typically takes three days to finish. You are required to know how to swim before we can certify you, though our instructors could take an extra day to conduct swimming lessons if necessary. 

Advanced Adventurer

5.900.000 IDR
5 dives

Take your skills to the next level with the Advanced Adventurer Course. While the Open Water course is more in-depth on the theoretical side of diving, the advanced adventurers focus more on practical diving skills. Your instructor will expand your understanding and abilities in key areas of diving such as buoyancy, navigation, deep diving, night diving, fish identification, diving in currents and waves, and so on. Visit SSI's website to learn more about the Advanced Adventurer course.


After gaining an Advanced Adventurer certification, you can join the advanced diving groups as you can dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters and join night diving (as long as you completed the night diving/limited visibility dive during your advanced adventurer course--the deep dive is required for the course). 

stress + rescue

4 dives
6.200.000 IDR

The Stress and Rescue course is perfect for the diver who wants to be more capable to manage their stress as well as the stress of others in any situation. After this course you will know how to react in certain scenarios that could assist or even save another diver. This course is often taken in conjunction with the React Right specialty course, which is basically an emergency first response course. 


4-6 weeks
unlimited dives
25.000.000 IDR

The divemaster course is the perfect opportunity to become the best diver you can be, learn how to manage groups underwater and get to know all of the dive sites in Central Raja Ampat. 

In order to do the divemaster course with us you will need to stay at least one month on the west end of Kri Island where we're located. You must be certified as a Stress and Rescue diver and have the React Right (also know as EFR with PADI) and the 100% Oxygen Provider certification before starting the divemaster course. We can offer this course but please keep in mind you will need to schedule at least one week extra for these courses before starting the divemaster.

To become an SSI Divemaster you must complete the Dive Guide and Science of Diving specialties. For more information on this course visit SSI's website and read our blog post with in-depth information about doing your divemaster with us in Raja Ampat.

Price includes accommodation in basic over water bungalow.


Divemaster intership,
Contact us for more details.

Memories of the courses




Duration : 2 DAYS

Dives : 2 DIVES
Price : 3,400,000 IDR

Did you know that corals are animals ?

Learn the basics of the corals, Identify different species of coral
and restore corals in Raja Ampat with Sea People. 
You will see how much there is the learn and how your diving comes more interesting adding more knowledge from underwater wonders. 

Duration : 2 DAYS

Dives : 2 DIVES

Price : 3,400,000 IDR

What was the fish we saw ?

This is the most common question heard after the dives.
Grow your knowledge and learn how to recognize and identify different underwater creatures by completing SSI Fish ID course in Raja Ampat. After the course, your diving will become even more interesting when you are able to find the species by yourself, and it will be easier to find by knowing the habitats of different species.

Duration : 2 DAYS
Dives : 2 DIVES

Price : 3,400,000 IDR

Have you ever seen something while diving that made you really scratch your head?

Become an underwater naturalist and gain strong knowledge about the underwater ecosystem here in Raja Ampat. Learn interesting facts how different species interact with each other and their environments. Be a part of our data collecting team of different underwater creature

Duration 2 DAYS

Dives : 2 DIVES

Price : 3,500,000 IDR

Have you ever swam with one of Raja Ampat’s largest, and most famous resident, the mantas?
In Raja Ampat you can witness different kind of rays, but most people travel here to see Manta rays. These massive creatures are impressive to witness in your own eyes. In the SSI Manta & ray ecology speciality course you will learn interesting facts about the Manta rays and their behaviour. You will also gain strong knowledge about different species of rays.
In the dives we are collecting different data on the numbers of the mantas, belly prints, sex and taking notes about Manta behaviour.
Manta ray season from October - May

Duration : 2 DAYS
Dives : 2 DIVES

Price : 3,400,000 IDR

Did you know sea turtles can hold their breath for five hours underwater?
SSI Sea turtle ecology speciality you will learn the history of the turtles, their importance to the ecosystem, and you will be able to recognize and identify different species. During the dives we collect data on the numbers, species, and measurements of the turtles we see.

Duration : 2 DAYS

Dives : 2 DIVES
Price : 3,400,000 IDR
Have you heard about walking shark of Raja Ampat?
Raja Ampat has it own endemic species of Epaulette sharks most commonly know as walking shark. You can witness multiple different shark species here on Kri Island. In the course we will take a good look into species we can find here, we will collect data on the dives and take notes on the shark’s behaviour.

Duration : 1 DAY

Dives : 2 DIVES

Price : 3,400,000



Want to feel like a astronaut underwater ?

 Want to stop feeling like a fish out of water while you dive? Feel like you’re always a little too high or too low? Want to conserve your air and make your dives last longer?
Improve your buoyancy by taking SSI perfect buoyancy course in Raja Ampat.
By mastering your buoyancy you will consume less air, feel more comfortable and you will definitely enjoy your dives much more. Having good buoyancy control will make you a more eco-friendly diver by not breaking corals while you dive.

Test you
r buoyancy control on the night dive.

Add the night dive on top of the course for 600,000 IDR
Night dives read more in our blog writing


Duration : 2 DAYS

Dives : 3 DIVES

Price : 4,500,000 IDR


Have you seen the iconic Raja Ampat pictures of the schooling of sweetlips ?This would be a perfect reason to take your Deep speciality course here in Kri island with Soul scuba divers.
Gain more knowledge, learn how to dive safely in deeper water and how to set up drop tank.


Duration : 2 DAYS

Dives : 2 NIGHT DIVES 

Price : 4,200,000 IDR


Discover the underwater world like never before with our Night Diving Specialty at Soul Scuba Divers. As the sun sets, embark on an enchanting journey beneath the waves, where the ocean comes alive with nocturnal wonders.
Dive into the mysterious realm of the night with the guidance of our experienced instructors. Explore the underwater beauty as we provide specialized lighting equipment, revealing the vibrant colors of marine life. Witness the mesmerizing transformation of the ocean as nocturnal creatures make their appearance

open water SSI

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