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Please take note

We are  fully dedicated to supporting locally owned businesses in Raja Ampat. In an effort to support them, we have agreed not to dive with guests staying at homestays with local dive centers. Therefore, if you'd like to stay at any of the following homestays with dive centers we are not able to take you diving: Lumba Lumba, Yenkoranu, Delvin, Luki and Koranu Fyak. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. If you'd like to dive with us we partner with various locally owned homestays that are happy to send their guests to us for diving. The first we recommend is Yenbuba Homestay, listed below, along with other excellent homestays. Contact us for more information about booking your stay. 

Yenbuba Homestay


Soul Scuba Divers is teamed up with the  amazing local family who owns Yenbuba Homestay on Kri Island. Our dive center is located on site at Yenbuba Homestay on the west end of Kri . Agus Sauyai (known as Bapak Tomi) and his family own Yenbuba Homestay. It so  happens that it was their homestay that we stayed at six years ago when first visiting Raja Ampat. They even joked about opening a dive center together at the time. It appears we've come full circle!

We chose to work with this family not only because of the good relationship we built with them, but also due to the way they manage their homestay. Thibault, one of our owners, helps Bapak Tomi manage his bookings so she can help you book a room there. 


You'll love staying at Yenbuba homestay thanks to the delicious local food Mama Tomi and her staff will cook for you and  the truly comfortable and authentic bungalows you'll sleep in. The entire homestay staff is dedicated to make sure your stay is comfortable and fun. 


The location of this homestay is also ideal. It's on the west end of Kri making it the best spot on the island to watch the sunset, and it's right beside a magical white sand bank that appears at low tide. Snorkeling is possible just in front of the homestay, and there are many other sites within 10 minutes from the homestay that are accessible from the beach.

new overwater bungalow

Roomy and well furnished, these bungalows are perfectly situated for the sunset. They were built in November 2019 and are the most popular bungalows at Yenbuba Homestay. Includes two double beds, a fan, two outlets, and a couch and hammock on the terrace.

Prices for 1 bungalow per night:

  • 1 guest: 800.000 IDR

  • 2 guests: 1.200.000 IDR

  • 3 guests: 1.600.000 IDR

  • 4 guests: 1.800.000 IDR

  • *200.000 IDR discount for kids under 12

classic overwater bungalow

It's time to fulfill your dream of sleeping above the ocean. These are spacious and comfortable rooms. Includes one double bed, a fan, two outlets and a hammock and chairs on the terrace.


Prices for 1 bungalow per night:

  • 1 guest: 600.000 IDR

  • 2 guests: 1.000.000 IDR

  • *200.000 IDR discount for kids under 12

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 3.36.14 PM.png
Beach bungalow

A little more privacy and little more shade in these beautifully built and spacious bungalows. You still have the ocean view and are only a few meters from the shoreline. Includes one double bed, a fan, two outlets, and chairs and a hammock on the terrace. These bungalows have an ensuite bathroom.


Prices for 1 bungalow per night:

  • 1 guest: 800.000 IDR

  • 2 guests: 1.2000.000 IDR

  • *200.000 IDR discount for kids under 12

Book at Yenbuba Homestay

Stay Raja ampat

You can book Yenbuba Homestay online on Stay Raja Ampat's website. The process works like this: You request a booking at Yenbuba Homestay, then within 48 hours Yenbuba Homestay will respond to you about whether or not there is availability. If your booking is accepted, you have 48 hours to pay the full amount  of your stay via bank transfer to Stay Raja Ampat and then your booking will be confirmed. This is a good option if you don't want to bring a lot of cash to the island. Also, you're supporting an excellent non-profit organization, Stay Raja Ampat, that numerous local family businesses in Raja Ampat rely on.

Here's the online link to Yenbuba Homestay's profile on Stay Raja Ampat: https://www.stayrajaampat.com/accommodation/yenbuba-homestay/

Keep in mind you should still reach out to Yenbuba Homestay if you want a pickup in Waisai. You can request a pickup while booking on Stay Raja Ampat but you should reach out to Yenbuba to tell them exactly what time you arrive (with the 9 am ferry or the 2 pm ferry)

Booking Directly

Especially if you're trying to book last minute, it might be easier to reach out to Yenbuba Homestay directly to get a room. Easiest to contact Joshue via WA +62 822-3908-5289

If you decide to book with Yenbuba Homestay directly, be prepared to bring IDR cash with you to pay the Sauyai family. The prices you will pay are listed at the top of this page.



Important information 

Transportation to and from Waisai and Yenbuba Homestay is 800.000 IDR shared among all passengers. Be sure to reach out to Yenbuba Homestay directly about what time you need to be picked up.

Both the Classic and New Overwater Bungalows do not have private bathrooms. There are two toilets and one shower room with no hot water for sharing among all guests. The Beach Bungalows have ensuite bathrooms with a toilet and no hot water shower. You can do laundry at the homestay at a washing station or you can ask one of the staff to do your laundry (50.000 IDR for one load).

Electricity is only available when the generator is on: between sunset (6:30 pm) and around 1 am. All of the rooms have at least two power sockets (compatible with the round 2-prong plugs most common in Europe), a fan, lights inside the room and out on the terrace and a hammock. The new overwater bungalows also have a couch and table and the classic overwater bungalows and beach bungalows have a table and chairs. The new overwater bungalows have two double beds, while all the rest of the bungalows have one double bed. 

Yenbuba Homestay serves breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12 pm and dinner at 7 pm daily. They are well known for serving delicious food, big portions and diversifying meals. You can also help yourself to unlimited drinking water, coffee and tea. There are always snacks on the table throughout the day such as fruit, bread and crackers. All of the food and drinks are included in the price you pay for the bungalow.

There are no ATMs or shops on Kri Island. There are ATMs in Sorong and Waisai. We recommend changing money before arriving in Sorong. You can top up Telkomsel phone credit and buy snacks like chips, candy and soda at the small "kiosk" in the Yenbuba village on Mansuar Island. You can walk there at a very low low tide or take a 5-minute boat ride there.  There is often good 4G signal at Yenbuba Homestay, so if you buy a Telkomsel sim card you can access the internet. There is no wifi available at Yenbuba Homestay.


The Yenbuba Homestay family. Mama Tomi, Bapak Tomi, Tomi + Naomi.

Photo from Stay Raja Ampat.