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staying on Kri


Please take note

We are  fully dedicated to supporting locally owned businesses in Raja Ampat. In an effort to support them, we have agreed not to dive with guests staying at homestays with other dedicated dive centers. Therefore, if you'd like to stay at any of the following homestays with dive centers we are not able to take you diving: Lumba Lumba, Yenkoranu, Delvin, Luki, Turtle, Nyande and Koranu Fyak. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. If you'd like to dive with us we partner with various locally owned homestays that are happy to send their guests to us for diving.

When you stay other side of the island, or other island and wish to do 3 dives per day/adventure trips, ask your homestay to prepare lunch box for you. 
We offer coffee, tea drinking water and snack for surface interval.

Bungalows with their own bathroom

Yenbuba homestay
Yenbuba homestay
overwater bungalow yenbuba homestay


Location: Kri Island, right next to our dive center


Bungalow Options :

  • 2 VIPP -  Beach bungalows with ensuite bathrooms (one double bed)

  • 3 VIP bungalows 

  • 3 Overwater bungalows (one double bed)


Meals (included in the price) :

  • Breakfast: 7 am/lunch: 12 pm/dinner: 7 pm daily

  • Unlimited water, coffee, and tea

  • Snacks are available throughout the day (fruit, bread, crackers…)


Others information:

  • Laundry service

  • Options to organize boat trips and transfers to other islands

  • Electricity is available from sunset (6:30) until 1 am

  • Good 4G cellular connection

Click here for more information!

Gibran homestay
Gibran homestay


Location : Kri Island, Warahnus Cove, 20min by walk in the jungle or 5 min by boat from our dive center (pickup possible during high tide)

Bungalow Options :

  • 3 bungalows over water (double bed)

  • 2 bungalows on the beach with sea view (double bed)


Meals (included in the price) :

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the dinner room

  • Unlimited water, coffee and tea


Others information :

  • Option to organize boat trips and transfers to other islands

  • Electricity available from sunset (6:30) until 1am

  • Good 4G cellular connection

Click here for more information !

Booking informations

Booking Directly

Especially if you're trying to book last minute, it might be easier to book directly on WhatsApp (be prepared to bring IDR cash with you to pay)  :

Yenbuba homestay : +62 813-8951-0959

Gibran homestay : Rio via WA +62 812-3793-4249

Stay Raja Ampat


You can book your homestay online on Stay Raja Ampat’s website:


The process works like this: You request a booking for a homestay, if your booking is accepted, you have 48 hours to pay the full amount of your stay via bank transfer to Stay Raja Ampat and then your booking will be confirmed. 

This is a good option if you don't want to bring a lot of cash to the island. Also, you're supporting an excellent non-profit organization, Stay Raja Ampat, that numerous local family businesses in Raja Ampat rely on.

Important information 

Transportation to and from Waisai and Kri island is 800.000 IDR shared among all passengers. Be sure to reach out to your Homestay directly about what time you need to be picked up.

There are no ATMs or shops on Kri Island. There are ATMs in Sorong and Waisai. We recommend changing money before arriving in Sorong. You can top up Telkomsel phone credit and buy snacks like chips, candy and soda at the small "kiosk" in Yenbuba village on Mansuar Island. There is often good 4G signal, so if you buy a Telkomsel sim card you can access the internet.

Raja Ampat suffers from a total lack of safe waste disposal and recycling services. All homestays request that their guests please take their non-organic waste away with them when they leave, so as to not contribute to the growing trash problem on the islands.

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