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Yenbuba Village

The Soul Scuba Divers team is proud to be a part of the Yenbuba community. Yenbuba Village is located on Mansuar Island, just a few minutes away by boat from Kri. Most of the families who have a homestay on Kri are from Yenbuba. 


We have the amazing opportunity to interact with the locals of Yenbuba and are engaged in some exciting education and conservation projects. 

Coral Restoration with THe sea people

The SEA People, known locally as Orang Laut Papua, is a field-based non-profit organization working to protect and restore the marine ecosystem of Raja Ampat - creating solutions that benefit both the local community and the ocean on which it depends. The SEA People works hand-in-hand with community members, providing them with the skills and knowledge to manage and protect the local marine environment on their own. Currently, the organization is working on several key projects - Orang Laut Raja Ampat Megafauna and Marine Park Monitoring, Crown of Thorns Starfish Management Response, and Yaf Keru Reef Restoration.


The SEA People, in collaboration with Soul Scuba, offers divers the opportunity to participate in reef restoration activities. Divers are given the opportunity to tour existing restoration sites, learn more about the state of Raja Ampat's coral reefs and why reef restoration is so important, before getting "hands on" with transplanting corals alongside local community members.


If you’re interested in becoming a coral gardener on your next trip to Raja Ampat, drop us a message! For more information, check out our dive pricing.  

Photos by Nick Hulley @hulleyvisuals


waste management project in kri island, raja ampat


Soul Scuba Divers has been reactivating waste management in Kri island after Indonesia reopened the borders for tourist and the build up of different waste also started to flow.

We are recycling different plastic, metal, glass and we have our organic waste that er use in our little garden on the back. We are using old fuel containers to separate different waste that comes to the island.

Local education in the island is very important same as giving the education for our customers who visit us. We are active on beach clean ups, which we do in surface intervals location between the dives. This actionhave motivated to local communities to keep the island waste free. Like in any kind of education, it takes time. Main education focus is to teach people to reduce the plastic income the island by teaching smart ways of shopping, using cardboard boxes, reusable shopping bags instead single use bags for shopping. 

Our future plans is to buy a land open the recycling center in Waisai, where we could organize and reuse different waste that get sent to Waisai. At this point there is only landfield in Waisai and it gets burned. 
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