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Yenbuba Village

The Soul Scuba Divers team is proud to be a part of the Yenbuba community. Yenbuba village is located on Mansuar Island, just a few minutes away by boat from Kri. Most of the families who have a Homestay on Kri are from Yenbuba. 


We have the amazing opportunity to interact with the local children of Yenbuba and are engaged in some exciting education and conservation projects. 


Teaching English + Conservation

Carrie, co-owner of Soul Scuba Divers, teaches English and conservation in the Yenbuba elementary school twice a week. She focuses on teaching the children the dangers of plastic pollution in the ocean, coral degradation and overfishing. She organizes outings like cleaning the village or the beach nearby and going snorkeling with the kids. 


ecobricks: one solution to plastic pollution

One of the biggest projects Carrie does with the kids is making ecobricks. First they do a cleanup sorting the trash into two bags: one for landfill and one for ecobricks. Next they wash and dry all of the ecobrick trash, which are disposable plastic bottles and soft plastics such as plastic bags, wrappers, sachets, straws and styrofoam. Then they cut up the soft plastics and stuff them into a plastic water bottle using a stick. You’d be surprised how much plastic can fit into one bottle. 


So then what do you do with ecobricks? Use them to build awesome stuff! Currently the kids are saving up ecobricks to make a long bench in the shape of snake that will go close to the school. 


Ecobricks are a great solution for single use plastic because there is currently no waste management system in Raja Ampat. All the trash is burned or buried. We hope to change this in the future and are already working on an action plan to manage waste first in Yenbuba Village and Kri and then hope to spread out from there. 


Do you have any ideas to help promote education and environmental awareness in Raja Ampat? Would you like to get involved in some of the projects we are doing with the Yenbuba kids? Reach out to us! 

trash hero raja ampat

Soul Scuba Divers is a proud supporter of Trash Hero Raja Ampat. Throughout the school year, every Friday afternoon, the kids from SD Yenbuba, some local villagers, homestay owners and tourists and whoever else wants to join in cleaning up a beach around Mansuar or Kri Islands. Check out the Trash Hero Raja Ampat Facebook page to say updated about when cleanups are and more.