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Soul Scuba Divers is a scuba diving center on Kri Island in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. We pride ourselves on offering  fun diving experiences, but safety and thorough planning is the cornerstone of our diving operations. Visit our FAQs page to learn more about our safety procedures and the dive experience you can expect to have with us.

For us, scuba diving isn't just about looking at creatures underwater.  It allows us to explore the world—and ourselves—in a fulfilling, transformative way. It connects us to nature, compels us to travel the world and invites us into the amazing international community of scuba divers.

We greatly appreciate being  a part of the local community of Raja Ampat. Our mission is to hire local people from Raja Ampat—and also workers from other parts of Indonesia—to be longterm parts of our team or help us with projects such as building our dive center and speed boat.  Our top priority is to protect the precious marine and terrestrial environments in Raja Ampat, which is why we organize education and conservation projects within the local community. Learn more about their community projects here.

Carrie + Thibault

Carrie Skuzeski and Thibault Bancillon  are co-owners of Soul Scuba Divers. Carrie is from the USA and Thibault is from France. They love meeting people from all corners of the world and sharing their passion for the underwater world.


They deeply care about the  people of Raja Ampat and are proud to partner with the local families on Kri. They cherish working hand in hand with locals and spreading environmental awareness, particularly regarding plastic pollution and coral preservation.


Roki is our divemaster and HR manager. His specialty is finding tiny macro creatures that are plentiful in the reefs of Raja Ampat. He is also in charge of making everyone smile, though he doesn't have to try because his own smile and laugh are contagious. 

Rocky is from Wakatobi, Sulawesi but has been living and diving in Raja Ampat for seven years. If you're a photographer or like to find amazing species of pygmy seahorses, nudibranches, frogfish and more, Rocky will be your go-to guy!


A trustworthy captain and skilled navigator, Lapex is our boat driver. He is from Yenbeser village on Gam about 15 minutes away from our dive center on Kri.


Lapex spent his entire life fishing the waters of Raja Ampat until a few years ago. This is why he is extremely competent in understanding the tides and currents of Raja Ampat and knows exactly how to drop off our divers at the perfect spot at any site. 


Ecko is the leader of our boat crew, but he's actually a jack of all trades. He can drive the boat, fill tanks, cook delicious food, build anything and even install electrical systems. He is also training to be a divemaster with us!

Ecko is from Sumatra and moved to Raja Ampat in March 2018. He started out working as a cook until he tried scuba diving and fell in love with it. We're sure happy he did!

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