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Diving with us

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Diving FAQ

Photo by John Haskew

how many divers per dive guide?

We put maximum four divers in a one group with one of our dive guides. We also try to divide groups depending on skill level; we put open water divers in one group and advanced ​divers in another group whenever possible.

are your dive professionals certified?

Yes our dive guides, dive masters and dive instructors have professional certifications. 

Do you have 100 oxygen?

Yes we have 100% oxygen with proper masks to administer it.
Oxygen is located on each boats and office. 

is your dive equipment in good condition?

Yes, all of our dive equipment was recently purchased.  Our compressors are brand new, one was purchased June 2022, the second and third January and February 2023, Bauer compressors + air cooler and filter system. We also have since April 2023, a compressor technician. 

what kind of boats do you have?

We currently have three-speed boats, both of the boats have two Yahama 100 hp, 4 stroke engines, and sound systems to keep your bodies moving in the surface intervals. 

Aline was built in October 2019. It is very comfortable for doing trips close to Kri as well as farther away such as Piaynemo, Batanta, Gam, and Wayag trips.  Aline fits 8 divers plus the guides and boat crew.

Anna our second boat, we got the end of the year 2022.  Anna fits 12 divers very comfortably and it is perfect for local dive trips like Cape Kri, Blue Magic, Sardine, Yenbuba Jetty, and Sawandarek.
We have a Yamaha mechanic as part of the team.

Marie, the newest addition to the team arrived autumn of 2023. Marie is our "Happy boat" and is mostly taking care of the courses. Marie has one Yamaha 100hp, 4 stroke engine and it's ideal for exploring the local dive sites with students.

how many dives do you Organize per day?

You can do one to four dives per if you like. We use two boats for our dive trips. Anna is diving close to Kri, where the highest number of dive sites in Central Raja Ampat are located.

We use Aline, our  other boat for Adventure trips when we have min. 8 people who want to join the same trip.

Dive schedule local diving

7:30 a.m. two morning dives

12:30 Lunch at your homestay

2:30pm One afternoon dive

6.30pm Night dive
We organize night dives from Mon - Fri.
Sundays we are closed.

What do your adventure trips consist of?

Our Adventure Trips last all day; we meet at 7:30 a.m. in Soul scuba divers dive center and start our adventure soon after that.


We snacks, water, coffee and tea with us (ask your homestay to prepare lunchboxes for your day trip). Along with doing two dives, we usually stop at places where you can snorkel and always do an on land activity. Everything is included in the price--two dives, snacks, boat fare, etc.


Only the Birds of Paradise and Manta Rays adventure trips don't last all day; we leave at 7:30 a.m. for the Manta Rays trip and 4:30 a.m. for the Birds of Paradise trip and return to Kri by 1 p.m.

Dive schedule Adventure trips

4.30am Bird of paradise trip 

7.30am Meet up at dive center and heading to the adventure.

1.00pm Lunch time (Ask your homestay to prepare your lunchbox for the trip)

2.00pm Sightseeing 

4.00pm Back in dive center

What dive sites can we book?

We dive three times (or four times if you wish to do night dives) daily around Kri. There are about 30 dive sites near Kri that we go to, such as the following: House Reef, Cape Kri, Sorido Wall, Blue Magic, Mike’s point, Odima, Crossover, Kuburan Reef, Yenbuba Jetty, Ransiwor, Sawandarek, West Mansuar, Cape Mansuar, Warasnus, Koy Island, Chicken Reef, Sardine Reef, Dom Te Te, Friwen Wall, Friwen Village, Batu Lima, Mioskun, Lao Lao Reef and more.

We also visit dive sites farther away from Kri when conducting our Adventure Trips: Arborek Jetty, Citrus Ridge, Mayham, Manta Sandy, Manta Slope, Manta Ridge, Beser Bay, The Passage and more. We go to sites near Batanta like the Airplane Wreck and Manta Wai. We also dive near Fam and Piaynemo at Melissa’s Garden, Fam Wall, Fam Slope, Batu Rufas and Ikan Party.

We always try to accommodate our divers' requests, but we can't plan exactly which dive sites we will go to in advance. This is because we must take into account the weekly tide chart and weather conditions to determine the dive sites that will be the most safe and enjoyable for our divers. It's best to discuss with other divers which sites or Adventure Trips the entire group would like to go to once you're on Kri in order to share the costs and ensure everyone is happy. Otherwise, organizing private diving days or Adventure Trips would be quite expensive. 
We take everyones wishes in count when we are doing our dive planning.

What is wishlist?

Can I go to Cape Kri, Manta Ridge or Piaynemo? Yes we are listening all of your wishes, planning the dive sites according to tidal changes and divers ability to handle currents. Take the wishlist as a Santa Claus wishlist, we try to make all the wishes come true. From our multiple dives site options we will always choose the best dive sites depending on mother nature mood.  We are not diving dive site names but will take you where conditions are perfect for you to enjoy we will promise you will have a good time underwater and in land. You don't need to worry about where we go as you are in scuba diving Mecca! 

do you also own accommodation?

No, we just own the dive center, but we can recommend you few homestay around us, please check here.

Can you pick us up at our homestay?

We can pick you up at any homestay located on Kri Island. It's only if the tide is extremely low and we can't make it to the beach that you'd have to walk to our dive center. If you are staying on East Mansuar or other island you have to ask to your homestay to arrange a boat to come at our dive center. Remember that we cannot accept divers from homestays or resort which has their own dive center.

how to book with us ?

When you make your booking with us, we would like to know little bit about you. What kind of diving you like ? How many days you want to dive with us ? And which level of diver you are ?

To secure your booking we ask you for : 

  • A deposit of 50% of the full payment per diver (you will pay the rest of the payment when you finish your dives with us)

  • A picture of your scuba diving certification card

  • Your Raja Ampat Marine Park card 


Contact for the Marine Park card :



  3.  Nana blud +62 852-4302-2825 (WA)

  4.  Yoan +62 821-9845-0540 (WA)

When the booking is secured we would also like to know which kind of diving you like to do, specific dive sites you would like to explore and which adventure trips you would like to add to your wishlist. Wishlist is something like you did when you were kid in the before xmas for Santa Claus. We try to make all of your wishes come threw. We want to make our adventure trips as amazing as it can be and we want to know you underwater first before we take you more challenging dive sites around Central Raja Ampat.

How to pay your deposit and invoice at the end of your dives with us ?

We use TranferWise for all our payments and accept also cash (IDR) for your bill.

If you don't have Wise account : here is a link to create your account !

Find more info on our dive with us page!

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