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These partnerships allow us to provide you with exceptional services, top-of-the-line equipment, and unforgettable adventures. We take pride in working together with these renowned partners who share our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction

Sea People Coral restoration Raja Ampat

Sea people - orang laut 

The SEA People - Protecting Thriving Coral Reefs Introducing The SEA People, also known as the Orang Laut Papua, a dedicated field-based non-profit foundation committed to safeguarding one of the Earth's remaining havens for thriving coral reef systems. Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of this unique ecosystem while empowering local communities who rely on healthy reefs for sustenance and livelihoods. With a holistic approach to marine conservation, we strive to foster mutually beneficial solutions through ecosystem-based management. Through a harmonious blend of scientific advancements, technological innovations, and traditional wisdom, we prioritize capacity building within the local communities. Our primary focus is on equipping community members with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to effectively manage, protect, and enhance their marine resources. Why The SEA People? We recognize the vital importance of coral reefs as diverse ecosystems that support countless marine species. By actively engaging in their protection, we ensure the continued existence of these invaluable habitats. We work hand in hand with the communities that depend on coral reefs for sustenance and income. By strengthening their capabilities, we empower them to take charge of their marine resources and foster sustainable practices for generations to come. The SEA People bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern scientific advancements. By blending these two worlds, we develop innovative approaches to conservation that respect local customs and traditions. Our approach recognizes the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems. By adopting holistic management strategies, we strive to achieve a harmonious balance between environmental preservation, sustainable fishing practices, and community well-being. By supporting The SEA People, you become part of a movement dedicated to preserving these remarkable coral reef systems and empowering local communities. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the future of our oceans.

Child Aid Papua

child of papua

Welcome to The Environmental School, an initiative by Child Aid Papua that firmly believes in equal access to education and healthcare for every child, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our mission is to provide children in the remote provinces of West Papua, Indonesia, with the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world and acquire skills for lifelong learning. Who We Are: Child Aid Papua is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, dedicated to making a positive impact exclusively in the breathtaking region of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. We are driven by the belief that education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all children, irrespective of their family's financial situation. What We Do: Educational At The Environmental School, we empower children by offering quality education programs that nurture their curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Through engaging and interactive learning experiences, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning and exploration.

Support a local

Support a local NGO Indonesia

Meet Corinna - Our Inspirational Partner Corinna, the initiator of our mission, hails from Germany, and her love affair with Indonesia began more than a decade ago. From the moment she set foot in the country, its people and their extraordinary essence captured her heart. Driven by a deep connection and a desire to make a difference, Corinna has dedicated herself to extending a helping hand to those in need. Through her frequent visits, she has formed strong bonds with remarkable locals, fueling her passion to support the community. Recognizing that even the smallest acts can have a profound impact on someone's life. Corinna has been actively involved in local projects in Sulawesi, with a specific focus on children's education and helping families with fundamental needs. Now Corinna is extending to Raja Ampat and helping the local villagers to access clean water by water filters.

MantaHari Manta conservation


Join Us in the Fight Against Marine Pollution At Mantahari, we are passionate about taking action against the alarming issue of marine pollution. It's time to make a difference both on-site and in everyone's minds because we firmly believe that addressing this problem requires collective responsibility. We acknowledge that the Western world plays a significant role in ocean pollution, and we are determined to create awareness and effect change. With every product purchased, a portion of the donation goes towards financing vital research, education initiatives, and clean-up efforts in Indonesia. We have ambitious plans to combat marine pollution and are committed to making a lasting impact. Did you know that a staggering 8 million tons of waste finds its way into the sea each year? Simply relying on recycling is not enough to stem this ever-growing tide of waste. We firmly believe that the key lies in plastic avoidance. We regularly share tips and practical advice on how each individual can make a difference by reducing plastic consumption in their everyday lives. Together, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Join us in our mission to combat marine pollution and protect our oceans for future generations. Together, we can turn the tide against plastic waste.

Togean Naturale natural products

Togean naturale

Welcome to Togo Eang, a sustainable island start-up located in the captivating Togean Islands of Tojo Una-una province, nestled in the heart of Sulawesi. Here, amidst the scattered islets and small islands, we embrace multiple ethnicities and tribes, including the Bajau community, who reside by the sea or coastal areas, and the Bobongko tribe, who have been dedicated farmers for generations. Our primary endeavor involves creating consumer sustainable products that contribute to the preservation of our environment. We proudly offer a range of high-quality sustainable products, including coconut oils, patchouli oils, and natural soap bars. Embracing traditional methods and utilizing a fully sustainable solar-powered factory, we ensure that our products not only meet the highest quality standards but also leave a minimal ecological footprint. At Togo Eang, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We strive to promote responsible practices that support the well-being of our local communities and protect the pristine beauty of the Togean Islands. By choosing our sustainable products, you are not only indulging in the goodness of nature but also actively participating in the conservation of this unique paradise. Join us on this remarkable journey towards a more sustainable future. Explore our range of eco-friendly products and experience the harmony between nature, tradition, and conscious consumerism that Togo Eang proudly embodies. Together, let's make a positive impact on the Togean Islands and beyond.

Scuba diving partners

Blue Oceans Center
SSI dive center raja ampat
Dragon Komodo Dive scuba diving

Welcome to Dragon Dive Komodo Dive Resort, a renowned PADI 5* scuba diving resort in the heart of Komodo. Immerse yourself in the vibrant turquoise waters and explore a world teeming with an incredible variety of corals and colorful reef fish. As proud caretakers of the UNESCO Komodo National Park, recognized as one of "the new seven wonders of Nature," we invite you to embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure. At Dragon Dive Komodo, we take pride in our team of highly skilled PADI and TDI instructors, who have received numerous awards for their expertise. Fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, and Spanish, our instructors are committed to ensuring your safety and enhancing your diving experience. Our knowledgeable local staff members also play a crucial role in providing excellent support to our instructors. Located just 20 meters from the main jetty of the new Marina in Labuan Bajo, Dragon Dive Komodo Resort offers a contemporary setting for your diving holiday. Indulge in the comfort of our 18 double rooms, nestled in a luxurious garden setting. Take a refreshing dip in our stunning pool, savor delectable cuisine at our unbeatable restaurant "Le Resto," and enjoy the captivating sunsets from our two scenic viewpoints. Get ready to dive into the wonders of Komodo with us! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, Dragon Dive Komodo is here to make your scuba diving experience truly exceptional.

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