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Updated Pricelist of SoulScuba

fun dives near kri


Certified divers can join us on fun dives at more than 40 sites near Kri Island and up to 15 minutes away.

(such as Cape kri, Yenbuba jetty, Ransiwor, Cape Mansuar, , Odima, Koy Island, Chicken Reef, Sardine Reef,  Blue Magic, Dom Te Te, Mioskun, Friwen Wall, Friwen Island, Batu Lima, Mike's Point, Crossover, Kuburan, Warahnus Jetty, Turtle Point ) for the prices listed below.​

There are no hidden costs, the price includes:

  • Equipment,

  • Dive guide,

  • Boat with crew

  • Snacks and coffee/tea.


We subtract 100.000 IDR per dive for divers with their own equipment (BCD and regulator required). Keep in mind that the prices are per day; the more dives you do per day with us the cheaper each individual dive will cost.

We prefer WISE transfers or cash (IDR).


Our diving schedule is as follows: 

  • Morning Dive - 7:30 am 

  • Afternoon Dive - 2:30 pm

  • Night Dive - 6:30 pm

  • Morning - 2  dives 1,300,000 IDR

  • Afternoon - 1 dive 700,000 IDR

  • Night dive - 800,000 IDR

  • 3 dives on the same day - 1,900,000 IDR

adventure trips


We organize full day and half day trips for certified divers to places and sites up to one hour away from Kri.

Joining one of our Adventure Trips is the best way to explore dive sites a bit off the beaten path and discover beautiful landmarks on various islands in Raja Ampat.


For the half day trips we leave at 7:30 a.m. and get back to Kri around lunchtime.

They include two dives and there are no hidden costs;  you get:

  • Equipment,

  • Dive guide,

  • The boat with crew

  • Snacks and coffee/tea.


We leave for the full day trips at 7:30 a.m. and get back to Kri around 5 p.m.

They include:

  • Two dives,

  • Snacks and cofee/tea,

  • Equipment,

  • Dive guide,

  • Boat with crew

  • Please remember to -ASK YOUR HOMESTAY TO PROVIDE LUNCH- for your full day trips and bring it with you in the morning.

For certain Adventure Trips, we offer an optional 3rd dive for 600.000 IDR.

For divers with their own equipment, we subtract 100.000 IDR per dive (BCD and regulator required).


Go to our Adventure Trips page for more information. 

​Full Day Trips are:

  • Piaynemo - 2,100,000 IDR (2 dives), Add 3rd dive for the trip 600,000 IDR

  • Batanta - 2,000,000 IDR (2 dives), Add 3rd dive for the trip 600,000 IDR

  • Gam tour - 2,000,000 IDR (2 dives), Add 3rd dive for the trip 600,000 IDR

  • Gam Bay - 1,800,000 IDR (2 dives), Add 3rd dive for the trip 600,000 IDR


Diving with Manta rays


There’s a few cleaning station around Raja Ampat where Manta rays are spotted.

Soul scuba divers offer trips to Arborek where you have: Manta slope, Manta ridge and Manta sandy, and Wai island where it is the Manta Wai cleaning station.
During the manta season (typically mid November to April), Manta rays comes to this place to eat on plankton which it is their main food source.

The manta rays are attracted to the nutrient rich waters that arrive in Raja Ampat during those months. This event also lower down our visibility but you can still have +20 meters visibility.

Manta ridge - Ad

Is our favorite manta site as it has a beautiful reef along much of the site, but it is only for advanced divers. We provide reef hooks for every diver and most of the time you are hooked in, dive guides will help you to hook in the good spot, near to cleaning station.


Manta Wai - Beginner

Cleaning station in Manta Wai is where we get the first sight of the Mantas. Shallow 18 meter dive with mild to moderate currents.
First dive site we do on this trip is plane wreck where you need to be advanced diver, wreck lies on 30 meters. Open water divers can also join to this trip and enjoy the Wai reef.


Manta slope - Moderate dive site

Manta Slope also has a higher variety of coral structure to enjoy and is an easier dive.


Manta Sandy - Beginner dive site
Cleaning station is protected by rocky reef, hence that divers cannot pass, giving other option of diving around the other local dive sites you can witness Manta rays such as; Blue magic, Lao Lao, Cape Kri, Ransiwar and Sawandarek.


Half day trip
There are no hidden costs, the price includes:

Two dives

Dive guide

Boat with crew

Snacks with coffee and tea

Things to keep in mind when diving with Manta Rays


Cleaning stations are areas for Manta rays to go and get cleaned of from parasites by different reef fishies like surgeon fishies. Its important to follow briefings of your guide and respect their natural cleaning station and give them peace to have their spa moment.

Manta rays are filter feeders and they are harmless to humans. Its forbidden to touch or harass a Manta rays. When you stay still, they will come super close to you, sometimes even touching tip of your head with their bellies. Even when they come super close to you, respect the animal and don’t try to touch them. We give them space to respect their natural habitat’s, no one would like to be harass when you having massage or spa treatment.

People with cameras is prohibited to use flashlights, this powerful strobo or flash light will harm the vision of the manta rays, you wouldn’t like to get blinded by strong lights while you having your relax moment


2 morning dives 1,600,000 IDR (we normally do one of the Manta locations and the 2nd  dive either Arborek or West Mansuar)
Single afternoon dive to Manta spots is 850,000 IDR 
Then if the
afternoon dive is your 3rd dive then it's 750,000 IDR

We subtract 100.000 IDR per dive for divers with their own equipment (BCD and regulator required). Keep in mind that the prices are per day; the more dives you do per day with us the cheaper each individual dive will cost.

Bird of Paradise 

“The early bird catches the worm”

This half day trip starts bright and early in the morning. This trip is for natural lovers, it is bird watchers dream come true.

In this fabulous morning trip you have a chance to see very rare species such as bird of paradise, Red Bird-of-Paradise and Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise. This unique beautiful birds are natives of Papua and we are extremely lucky to be able to witness this birds here


Best chance to see this rare creatures is that you need to be on Dore Atri Lagoon in Gam island bright and early before sun is rising. For this reason the trip start from our dive center at 4.30am in the morning.


Dive site options when we are doing this trip are Batu lima, Friwen wall  or Miouskun
Stunning topography of the Batu lima (Five rocks) will give interesting rocky formation in a shallow coral garden. 
Sense there aren’t many walls in Raja Ampat this would be perfect 2nd dive option. 

This trip is suitable for beginners level divers.

Half Day Trips are (2 dives):

  • Birds-of-Paradise - 1,700,000 IDR

  • Manta Ridge / Manta Sandy - 1,600,000 IDR

  • Arborek - 1,600,000 IDR

  • Plaine wreck + Manta Wai - 1,800,000 IDR

  • Mansuar tour - 1,600,000 IDR

CAMPING TRIP TO WAYAG - 3,000,000 IDR (snorkel only)

Two days trip to breathtaking Wayag region.
This trip is snorkeling only, non diving trip, including hikes to different view points along the mind blowing landscapes around Wayag area. 

We have tents that fits two people to sleep in, most of our guests choose to sleep in hammocks outside under the stars. 

Wayag’s is 3 hours away from Kri island, place called Pele island where you can swim with dozen of black tip reef sharks. 

We like this trip to be adventurous and spontaneous, so we rather not make advanced schedule where we go and which time. Just follow the flow, we will show you the best bits of Wayag trip. You will experience breath taking views, hike, deserted white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise blue water, pristine reefs, sunset and sunrises spots. Wayag is like Piaynemo on steroids

Trip includes:
Tents, hammocks, 
Snorkeling gear
Tour guides

Not included


Dive courses


Most people think Raja Ampat is for advanced divers only.

While there are sites we wouldn't take beginners to right away, there are dive sites that are suitable for novice divers. If you'd like to try scuba diving for the first time you can do a Discovery Dive with our on-site instructor who speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Indonesian.

If you'd like to get certified in arguably the best diving destination in the world, we can teach you courses up to the Divemaster level. We offer SSI certifications. We greatly appreciate diving courses being booked far in advance. Please read more about our courses here

  • Discovery Dive - 1,000,000 IDR

  • Skills Refresh - 900,000 IDR

  • Open Water - 6,200,000

  • Advanced Open Water - 5,900,000 IDR

  • Stress + Rescue - 6,200,000 IDR

  • Divemaster - Ask different divemaster packages from us 

coral restoration with the sea people

The SEA People, known locally as Orang Laut Papua, is a field-based non-profit organization working to protect and restore the marine ecosystem of Raja Ampat. The SEA People, in collaboration with Soul Scuba, offers divers the opportunity to participate in reef restoration activities. Divers are given the opportunity to tour existing restoration sites, learn more about the state of Raja Ampat's coral reefs and why reef restoration is so important, before getting "hands on" with transplanting corals alongside local community members. This trip includes 2 dives, all equipment, and lunch in a local village. Learn more about coral restoration efforts in our blog.

  • Coral Restoration: 2.000.000 IDR  (includes 2 dives)


Dive 11 times and get the 12th dive for free (on your 12 Dive)

Dive 20 times get the 21st dive for free (on your 21 Dive)

Dive 29 times get the 30th dive for free (on your 30th Dive)

Booking and paying for dives

We recommend booking dives far in advance, we accept maximum 20 divers daily & spaces fill up quickly.

We require a 2.000.000 IDR deposit per diver to confirm your spot on our boat.

We understand that your travel plans may change. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 1 week prior to your reservation in order to receive your full deposit back. 

We happily accept money via bank transfer if you'd like to pay a deposit for your dives before arriving in Raja Ampat, as there are only ATMs in Waisai and some people prefer to carry less cash with them while they travel.

If you pay for your dives with us at the dive center, we accept Indonesian Rupiah in cash at no extra charge.

We accept Euros and US Dollars in cash with a 5% charge.


We don't have a credit card machine yet but can take online bank transfers.

Our guests commonly use TransferWise, which is easy and convenient.

We recommend that you set up your TransferWise account and do a test transfer of a very small sum while you are still in your home country in order to avoid any identity verification issues while making the transfer in Raja Ampat. 

Our dive center is located on the Northwest Coast of Kri next to Yenbuba Homestay.

We don't own any accommodation but there is many homestays we work with, here you can find the accommodation that we work with

We do pickups when there is high tide from homestays that are only on Kri-Island.

Please book your accommodation at a homestay on Kri that doesn't have dive center or else we can't take you diving (the following homestays on Kri have a dive center, so if you stay at any of these we can't take you diving: Yenkoranu, Lumba Lumba, Koranu Fyak, Delvin, Waranus, or Lukson).


Please make your Marine Card at Waisai or contact them: 

National park

Website Raja Ampat National Park 

Whatsapp Nana +62 852-4302-2825 or Yoan +62 821-9845-0540

Contact us to book your dives now!

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