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For certified divers

Fun dives

Photo by Nick Hulley @hulleyvisuals

let's go explore, just for fun

Raja Ampat is the perfect location for certified divers to join in on fun dives. Our dive sites are suitable for all experience levels. Whether you're interested in big shark action or tiny macro critters, you'll love diving near Kri Island!

If you don't have an Open Water Certification or above, check out our

Dive Courses Page. We are an SSI Registered Training Center.

fun dives near kri

Certified divers can join us on fun dives at nearly 30 dive sites, all within 15 minutes of our dive center. Join us at any of the following dive sites during our fun diving trips: House Reef, Ransiwor, Yenbuba Jetty, Cape Mansuar, West Mansuar, Sauwandarek, Odima, Koy Island, Cape Kri, Chicken Reef, Sardine Reef,  Blue Magic, Dom Te Te, Mioskun, Friwen Wall, Friwen Island, Batu Lima, Mike's Point, Crossover, Kuburan, Warahnus Jetty, Turtle Point, Shark's Point. 

  • 2 Morning Dives (same day): 1.400.000 IDR  / 1.200.000 IDR own gear

  • 1 Afternoon Dive: 750.000  IDR / 650.000 IDR own gear

  • 2 Morning Dives + 1 Afternoon Dive (per day): 2.000.000 IDR  / 1.700.000 IDR own gear

  • 1 Night Dive: 850.000 IDR / 750.000 IDR own gear

Our daily diving schedule is as follows: leave for the two morning dives at 7:30 a.m. and return to Kri around lunchtime; leave for the afternoon dive at 2:30 p.m. and return around 4:30 p.m.; Night dive briefings start at our dive center at 6:30 p.m.
When you stay other side of the island, or other island and wish to do 3 dives per day. Ask your homestay to prepare lunch box for you. We offer coffee, tea drinking water and snack for surface interval.

There are no hidden costs; the price includes all equipment, a guide, the boat, gas, snacks and coffee/tea. We subtract 100.000 IDR per dive for divers with their own equipment (BCD and regulator required). Keep in mind that the prices are per day; the more dives you do per day, the cheaper each individual dive will cost. Check out our full diving price list here.

Interested in diving a bit further from Kri?

We organize Adventure Trips to Piaynemo, Arborek, Gam, Batanta and more!

Check out our Adventure Trips page to learn more about these amazing day trips - we dive at incredible sites, but also venture on land to discover the flora and fauna of Raja Ampat!

ready to book your fun dives? 

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