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5 facts about our new dive center

<img> Dive center Raja Ampat
Photo by Yann Harz @yannsebastianharz


New Dive Center in construction

The work for the new dive Center is in full progress. It has been a moment that our Soul Scuba Shop became too small for our dear divers, equipment and of course o

ur staff members. That’s why we built a new dive center on the jetty. Thibault, the owner, has some great prospect! The dive shop will be larger with space for a dressing room and call the gear. The front desk for the paper work and the information counter will be outside with a beautiful view. But more than that there will be also an outside chill area, where divers can write their logbook, talk about their last or future dives or simply hang out. Some bean bags protected from the sun and you never want to leave our future dive center…

<img>Soul scuba divers
Dive center

There is still a lot of work to do until this dreams come true. But every day, you can see a little progress. Each board for the floor and the walls is sawn, polished, painted and varnished by hand and with love. The floor is nearly ready and the frames for the walls look like real furniture. Thibault and his staff dedicate every free minute to bring that project forward. Soon they will start nailing the boards for the walls. We can’t wait to show you the final results

5 thing you can expect from the new dive centre

1. Lounge Dive centre will have area to enjoy the sunset with cold beverage in your hand. Area for logging your dive books and chat about the dives with your fellow dive buddies. I know! We cannot wait either 2. Movie nights In the lounge we will have a protecter and screen to show documentaries, underwater related movies and presentations of your marine life and surroundings in Raja Ampat. 3. Over hang hammocks Cherry on the top of the cake we will have hammocks on top of the sea, so you can spot some marine life such as sharks, rays and other beautiful creatures while enjoying the sunset.

4. Check in are Our office will be bigger which makes your check in more comfortable and fitting and storing your equipment will be more organized and easy going.

5. Rinse station Your equipment and camera's will be easier to rinse. You can enjoy your showers after scuba diving trips immediately when you arrive to the dive centre.

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