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Sunday We Are Closed : Meet Us After Sunset

Updated: May 22

Sunset At Kri Island Raja Ampat
Photo by Dennis @freediver87

Sunday's are holy days

Raja Ampat, being mostly Christian, Sundays are holy days and people use them to rest, observe, and worship in their own ways. I haven’t verified if the churches were always full, but a sure thing is that nothing much is happening on Sundays.

Soul Scuba, like all other Raja Ampat dive centres, is not operating on Sundays. If you are visiting us, you can use this day to travel into and out from Kri Island. If it is in the middle of your stay, you can use this time to get some rest. Diving two to four times per day is exhausting and you body will be grateful to have this day off to lower its nitrogen levels or heal the occasional ear pains. Behind our tank filling station there is also a path going to a nice viewpoint through the jungle. It takes approximatively 1h30 to go up and down. At low tide you can also walk to Ransiwor Island and sometimes even to Yenbuba Village. In addition, if you don’t want to waste a day being dry in Raja Ampat, go snorkeling on our house reef or at different places around the island accessible with a small hike or directly swimming. Finally, Saturday nights are usually our bonfire nights with live music and sometimes celebration like staff or customer birthdays, or any other special occasion. You might then want (or need) to sleepover on Sundays.

Let's meet after sunset

However, as soon as the sun is down we are again rested, fit and ready to start a new amazing week of diving! You can meet us at the dive center after the Sunset to get to know each other, sort out any paperwork, get your gear ready or get any questions on the coming week answered.

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