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Adventure trips: Best Way to Explore Raja Ampat

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Wayag, Raja Ampat
Wayag, Raja Ampat Viewpoint.

Adventure trips around Raja Ampat hosted bu soul scuba divers

Raja Ampat is one of the last places on Earth with such pristine, intact coral reefs. The biodiversity of coral species and reef fish speices are highest in the world; not to mention the number of endemic or incredibly rare species that frequent the clear seas and abundant reefs of Raja Ampat (the Walking Shark, Dugong, Wobbegong Shark, 23 species of mantis shrimp--just to name a few).

One can only dream of Raja Ampat until they make it there. The photos and videos of the place--though spectacular--can't replace the actual experience of being there. Diving along the rich reefs, hiking to spectacular viewpoints, searching for the Red or Wilson's Bird of Paradise, winding along in a boat on a river estuary through a thick mangrove forest, playing in a waterfall lagoon, and so many other unforgettable experiences like these.

Visiting Raja Ampat is an amazing opportunity and we'd love to take you exploring in the underwater and terrestrial environments of Raja Ampat. Our Adventure Trips are planned to enjoy two amazing dive sites and discover on land attractions at farther away islands such as Piaynemo, Arborek, Gam and Batanta.

A mix of some of our favorite Adventure Trips, including Manta Wai and Gam Bay.

Kri Island is a Good "Home Base"

The reason we set up on Kri Island is because there are so many amazing dive sites nearby Kri. We choose two sites out of nearly 30 to do our two daily morning dives. However, as Raja Ampat is an archipeligo made up of nearly 1,500 islands, it can be tempting to want to see more than a few. Especially as there are many famous places most people want to visit.

Kri is located just 15-30 minutes away from Waisai (depending on weather conditions and boat) and is centrally located from all the other islands we visit. It takes us less than two hours to get to Piaynemo and where we visit Batanta. Our farthest way trip is Wayag, which takes us three hours one way to get there.

There are quite a few homestays on Kri Island. We recommend booking with Yenbuba Homestay. We don't take divers from other local dive centers. Therefore, if you'd like to stay at any of the following homestays with dive centers we are not able to take you diving: Nus, Lumba Lumba, Yenkoranu, Delvin, Lukson and Koranu Fyak. 

Our Favorite Adventure Trips

There are so many amazing trips--but each of us tend to get a favorite. Here are some of our most popular Adventure Trips!

  1. Piaynemo- Everyone wants to go to Piaynemo, the viewpoint of many beauiful karst islands.

  2. Manta- Always a magical experience, diving with manta rays is a favorite for most of our divers. The season is December through March and there are multiple sites nearby.

  3. Batanta- Diving a plane wreck, winding through a river in a thick mangrove forest, hiking to a waterfall-all of the unique activities in this trip are unforgettable.

  4. Wayag- The most epic trip we offer is this one. Although it's three hours away, the views you see after the hikes in Wayag are the best in the world (according to a few of our past divers ;)).

  5. Gam Bay- Interacting with unique wildlife is what makes this trip so memorable. After two nice dives we go to the stingless jelly fish bay to snorkel, visit a large bat cave hidden within a tiny karst island, cruise through the bay until we reach a short dock to hike to a panorama of Gam Bay.

Piaynemo, close to the Fam Islands is the post popular Adventure Trip we do.

Batanta waterfall, Wai plane wreck, stingless jelly fish in Gam.

Explore Wayag trip with Soul scuba divers
Wayag, Raja Ampat

Wayag is the most stunning place we visit. There are countless islands in a 360 degree view from the viewpoint.

Group Prices Keep Costs Down

As there are numerous homestays on Kri Island, you can usually find enough other tourists to join you for an excursion or a transfer from Kri to another island. We are usually quite full so there are always enough people who want to join an Adventure Trip.

Our Adventure Trip rates are per person and need a minimum of five people to conduct. For example, our most popular trip is to Piaynemo, which costs 1.900.000 IDR, about $129 USD. This includes two dives (usually at Melissa's Garden and Batu Rufas), all the gear, boat and guides, lunch and stops at multiple amazing places including the Piaynemo and Batu Rufas viewpoint!

Check out our Adventure Trips Page to learn about all of the trips we do and contact us to book your trip now!

Shoutout to our friend and underwater photographer Dennis Shultz (@freediver87 on Instagram) who took all of the photos in this post during Adventure Trips with us. Thanks Dennis! The two videos were shot and edited by our own Thibault Bancillon.

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