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Celebrating 5 Years of Soul Scuba Divers - Journey of Resilience and Adventure:

Kri Island Drone Footage Raja Ampat
Kri Island Raja Ampat

Soul Scuba Divers - Dive Center In Raja Ampat

As the tropical breeze gently rustles the palm leaves, and the crystal-clear waters of Raja Ampat glisten under the sun, a story of determination, passion, and adventure has unfolded over the past five years. Join us on a journey as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Soul Scuba Divers, a dive center that began as a dream and became an inspiring reality. Soul Scuba Divers started small, but Thibault's vision and perseverance have led to remarkable growth. Evolving from a modest operator to a dive center catering to 20 divers daily, his aspirations stretch beyond business — aiming to establish an NGO and tackle plastic pollution in Raja Ampat. In collaboration with the local community and NGOs like SeaPeople for coral rehabilitation, every dive becomes a conscious adventure.

Thibault's dedication to the underwater realm isn't just a business endeavor; it's a calling. Fuelled by a love for marine life and a commitment to environmental projects, he's an embodiment of hard work, embracing challenges head-on to make Soul Scuba Divers a symbol of positive change.

10 important dates of Soul scuba divers story

January 2014 Journey to Paradise, first Encounter with Raja Ampat

As destiny would have it, Thibault came to the island as a tourist without having any bookings for the homestays or diving. He found a dive in the dive resort Koranu Fyak in Kri Island which didn’t have a room available for him, but they had a solution for him. They found him a room in Yenbuba homestay which wasn’t officially open yet and Thibault became the very first guest at the Yenbuba homestay. The owner of the Yenbuba homestay, known as Papa Tomi welcomed him with warm arms to his place. Thibault's passion for the mesmerizing underwater world, his dedication to marine conservation, and his yearning for community collaboration ignited an unquenchable fire within his soul. Thibault fell in love with the place and then knew his destination. Thibault and his passionate soul embarked on a journey across Australia. Working tirelessly, he saved every penny with a purpose - to bring his dream of a dive center in Raja Ampat to life. The allure of the underwater world, marine conservation, and community collaboration ignited a fire within him. It was here that the audacious idea of establishing the first-ever dive center in Raja Ampat began to take shape. The dream was big, but their determination was bigger.

September 2018: The Birth of Soul Scuba Divers

Soul Scuba Divers took its first steps as a humble blog, a platform designed by Thibault and his , Carrie, to serve as a beacon for fellow scuba enthusiasts seeking information about diverse dive destinations in Indonesia. Their journey of exploration led them to the enchanting Kri Island, where Thibault shared his love for this pristine paradise and Carrie understood very quickly why Thibault fell in love with Raja Ampat and the people of Papua.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Thibault's closest friends, in a playful yet heartwarming gesture, concocted a plan. They made a fictitious reservation via the blog, posing as a gay couple from France with an ardent desire to dive alongside their friend for two unforgettable weeks. Meanwhile, across the world, Thibault was on the brink of something incredible. His vision of Soul Scuba Divers was taking shape—a haven where divers could connect with the soul of the sea, a place to explore the vibrant coral gardens and dance alongside graceful mantas. Concurrently, one of these friends was on the phone with Thibault, offering unwavering assurance that his dream was within reach.

With time running short and aspirations soaring high, Thibault worked tirelessly to orchestrate the pieces of this unique puzzle. Against all odds, he managed to transform his vision into reality, even attracting a handful of eager customers before his friends arrived on the shores of Kri Island.

This extraordinary journey, fueled by passion, friendship, and a steadfast commitment to a dream, laid the cornerstone for what would become Soul Scuba Divers.

December 2018: A Tribute to Grandma Carrie

It was at this moment that the construction of their first boat began, and it carried the name of Carrie’s Grandma of Caroline. This boat, a labor of love and dedication, was a tribute to Carrie's beloved grandmother, a co-founder of Soul Scuba Divers. It stood as a testament to the deep familial bonds that run through the heart of this dive center.

Crafted with care and precision, Caroline was meticulously built by the skilled hands of a Papuan workshop in Waisai. This boat represented more than just a vessel for underwater exploration; it symbolized the spirit of Soul Scuba Divers—a family-driven endeavor that celebrated the beauty of the sea and the connections forged within its depths.

During the challenging times brought about by the global pandemic, it was sold to another homestay in the area, continuing its journey in the waters of Raja Ampat.

June 2019 - Game changer

Dive Center In Kri Island Raja Ampat
Jetty on building

Construction of a 250-meter-long pier that would soon stretch out into the endless embrace of the cerulean sea. It all began with the planting of the first pole, a symbol of ambition and vision. This pole marked the starting point of a remarkable endeavor. The construction of this pier was no ordinary feat. It was a testament to determination, teamwork, and an unyielding commitment to providing an exceptional diving experience to all who sought the magic of Raja Ampat.

The creation of our was more than just a logistical achievement; it had a profound impact on the local ecosystem and the coastal community of Raja Ampat. One of the most remarkable transformations was the effect on our house reef. Before the pier's construction, it was not uncommon for local vehicles to drive directly onto the house reef on the way to the Yenbuba village, unintentionally damaging the delicate corals and marine life that thrived beneath the surface. However, with the establishment of the pier, this practice came to an end. The pier provided a designated entry point for boats, effectively protecting our house reef from further harm.

October 2019 - Aline the adventurer

Wayag Raja Ampat West Papua
First Wayag trip @Denis

With the arrival of our second boat, Aline, named after Thibault's beloved mother, a new chapter of family and adventure unfurled before us. Aline became more than just a vessel; she was a conduit, guiding us safely toward our very first adventure in Wayag. Thanks to Aline we are able to make trips all over Central and North Raja Ampat. From the mesmerizing Piaynemo to the captivating Batanta and Gam, Soul Scuba Divers crafts experiences that touch the soul. With music and dancing on the boat post-dives, every trip becomes a celebration of the underwater marvels, leaving divers with memories etched in their hearts. We discover the beauty of family bonds and the thrill of exploration, united under the vast canopy of the Raja Ampat sky.

June 2021 - Uncharted Waters

Thibault and Carrie, the co-founders of Soul Scuba Divers, had chosen different paths in their personal and professional lives. It was a decision made with deep respect for the journey they had undertaken together. Thibault was now taking care of Soul scuba divers by himself.

Amidst the storm of the pandemic, when uncertainty gripped the world, Thibault stood resilient. Stranded on the island with just one staff member, he became a guardian of the dive center. The once-bustling center turned into a hub of resilience, with Thibault maintaining buildings, crafting a staff kitchen, and relying on the ocean's bounty and his savings for sustenance.

Over the course of two years, under the tropical sun and amidst the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, the pier gradually took shape. Each plank, each nail, and each section of the pier was a labor of love, crafted by the skilled hands of the local community. It was a collaborative effort that brought together the dreams of the Soul Scuba Divers team and the dedication of the people of Raja Ampat.

The results were astounding. Freed from the constant disruption caused by vehicles, the house reef began to regenerate. New corals started to take root, and the marine life that had once been deterred by the commotion returned to their natural habitat. The house reef, once again, became a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. Today, this 250-meter-long pier not only serves as a launchpad for unforgettable diving adventures but also is where our new dive center is located these days.

December 2021 - Chrismas re-opening

Thibault was on his way back from France, but fate had another plan for him. Stuck in quarantine at a Jakarta hospital, he watched as the days blurred into one another. Indonesia remained under lockdown, and the challenges were as formidable as the depths of the sea. But in the midst of adversity, we found strength.

While Thibault was stuck in the hospital, times of adversity, true heroes emerge. Arnaud, Lynn and the Sea People staff rushed to working around the clock to reopen our doors just in time for the holiday season. Their commitment to our dive center, our community, and our guests breathed life into the promise of a better warmth to our Christmas season.It was a season of hope, wonder, and rejuvenation, made possible by the indomitable spirit of our team. To Arnaud, Lynn, and the Sea People, we extend our deepest gratitude. You are the embodiment of resilience, the custodians of our dreams, and the guardians of the soul of Soul Scuba Divers. Without your dedication, the story of our Christmas season would not have been possible.

The world had been upended by a relentless pandemic, and the future was still uncertain. But here in the heart of Raja Ampat, we found hope in the familiar embrace of the sea and the promise of the Manta season. The expat community in Indonesia, bound together by a shared love for this archipelago, stood as a beacon of support.

March 2022 - Rising tide

Soul Scuba Divers Team, Dive Center Raja Ampat
Soul scuba team in 2022

The world had changed, and we had changed with it. For two long years, the pandemic had held us in its grip, separating us from the depths we loved, the ocean we cherished. The new chapter began—a chapter of hope, resilience, and the return of the ocean's embrace.

As Indonesia's borders slowly creaked open, we felt like explorers charting uncharted waters once again.

As we reopened our dive center's doors, we did so with a renewed sense of purpose, a profound appreciation for the ocean's wonders, and a deep gratitude for all those who've been a part of our journey. We've created a new team—a team that reflects the diverse tapestry of Indonesia. With pride, we introduce a team where 50% of its members hail from Papua, with the rest hailing from the lush landscapes of Maluku and the vibrant communities of Sulawesi. This team, united by a love for the sea and a commitment to excellence, embodies our vision for a brighter future. Together, we will share the magic of Raja Ampat, the splendor of its reefs, and the warmth of its people.

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to professionalism and customer experiences that go beyond expectations. Our staff, handpicked for their expertise and passion, are the architects of your underwater adventures. Their knowledge is only rivaled by their dedication to ensure your every dive is memorable.

We've always believed that treading lightly on the earth is not just a responsibility, but a privilege. Our eco-friendly practices are woven into the fabric of our dive center. We are guardians of the sea, champions of conservation, and advocates for a sustainable future.

In our quest to embrace change and foster inclusivity,

October 2022 - Sailing Towards Happiness

Anna, named after Thibault's beloved grandmother, was more than just a boat. She was a vessel of dreams, a carrier of memories waiting to be made, and a symbol of the enduring spirit of exploration that defines Soul Scuba Divers. This is the story of Anna, a vessel that would soon become the cornerstone of our operations. The journey began far away, in the enchanting waters of Bali.

In October 2022, Anna set sail from Bali not just as a boat but as a vessel of dreams, a harbinger of joy, and a symbol of our unwavering dedication to exploring the underwater wonders of Raja Ampat and a promise of incredible adventures. Thibault, guided by the capable hands of two of our captains, Anca and Sultan, started their 5-day long journey towards to the untouched paradise of Raja Ampat.

As the boat gracefully navigated the cerulean seas, it was as if Anna herself had come to life, carrying with her the wisdom of generations past and the promise of new horizons. Her journey mirrored the paths of the countless adventurers who had ventured into the heart of Raja Ampat.

And when Anna finally arrived, she did so with a sense of purpose—a purpose that resonated with the very essence of our dive center. She became the leader of our operation, a guiding light for those who sought the magic of the underwater world. Anna's presence was not just the addition of a boat; it was the embodiment of our commitment to providing unforgettable diving experiences and the enduring quest for happiness.

August 2023 - The Arrival of Marie & New dive center


Dive Center In Raja Ampat West Papua
New Soul Scuba Dive Center

The new boat, Marie, named after Thibault's sister, adds another dimension to the Soul Scuba Divers experience. Built with love and expertise in the picturesque setting of Bali, our "happy boat," ushers in a new dimension to the Soul Scuba Divers experience. She is not just a boat for our guests but also a vessel for our dedicated staff to savor the beauty of Raja Ampat. Her presence adds depth to our exploration, ensuring that every dive is an unforgettable adventure.

But that's not all. As we celebrated the arrival of Marie, we also unveiled another gem in our crown—a brand-new overwater dive center. After eight months of meticulous construction, we transformed a dream into reality, creating a space that is more than just a place of gear and briefings.

Our dive center, nestled on a jetty, is more than a place of gear and briefings. Our dive center is not just a launching point for underwater adventures; it's a place where stories are shared, friendships are kindled, and the love for the ocean binds us together with over-water hammocks, sunset spot, and conversations that forge lasting bonds. It's a testament to the sense of community that Soul Scuba Divers cherishes.

With the addition of Marie and the unveiling of our overwater dive center, we step boldly into a new era, one filled with excitement, exploration, and the warmth of shared moments. As we continue to grow, we invite you to be a part of our story—a story of happiness, community, and the boundless wonders of Raja Ampat.

Welcome aboard, and let the adventures begin.

Join Our Celebration

As we celebrate Soul Scuba Divers' remarkable journey, we invite you to explore the unparalleled splendor of Raja Ampat through scuba diving. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking marine life and enchanting landscapes that only this Indonesian paradise can offer.

As a token of our appreciation, we're offering a special 5% discount on all dive packages booked during our anniversary month September 2023. Don't miss this chance to experience the soul of Raja Ampat with us.[]yu'aq

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How to use the offer *Screenshot this offer picture, send it to us, and get a 5 % discount for next year's Summer season. *Discount available during the months of May to August 2024 *Book your holiday with this voucher before 30.09.2023 for the next summer season 2024 ** Booking inquiries dates of diving, certification level (or course bookings), and deposit of 2 mil IDR.

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