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Your Guide to Raja Ampat by Soul Scuba Divers

Piaynemo Viewpoint Raja Ampat
Iconic Piaynemo @Yasa

Are you planning a trip to Raja Ampat?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you make the most of your adventure:

When is the best time to visit Raja Ampat?

The best time to visit Raja Ampat for scuba diving is during the dry season, from October to April when the weather is calm, visibility is excellent, and marine life is abundant. This is also a season for Manta Rays, making it a popular time to visit Raja Ampat.

However, diving is possible year-round, with unique experiences in both the dry and wet seasons.

During the month from April to September we have better visibility on Dampier straight which includes TOP 10 Dive sites in Raja Ampat. We do Adventure trips during our low season since the South wind don't effect much our locations to dive.

Read more from our previous blog post about weather patterns in Raja Ampat

How do I get to Raja Ampat?

The most common way to reach Raja Ampat is by flying to Sorong, the gateway city to the archipelago. From Sorong, you can take a ferry or speedboat to various islands in Raja Ampat.

Sorong - Waisai - Sorong ferry schedule

9am & 2pm daily

Soul Scuba Divers direct transportation from Sorong to Kri Island.

Saturdays - Kri to Sorong

Sundays - Sorong to Kri

Price 1 mil per person/one way Please message Soul Scuba Divers if you wish to join the transportation (Dive packages transportation is already included)

What are the top attractions in Raja Ampat?

Pasir Timbul Raja Ampat
Pasir timbul is beautiful surface interval spot @Yann Kohl

Raja Ampat is renowned for its stunning underwater landscapes, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life. Top attractions include world-class dive sites, exploring picturesque islands and beaches, and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of local villages. Most popular Adventure trip is the iconic Piaynemo trip.

What is the cost of visiting Raja Ampat?

The cost of visiting Raja Ampat can vary depending on factors such as accommodation, transportation, activities, and duration of stay. Budget travelers can find affordable homestays and guesthouses from Kri Island.

What are the must-visit islands in Raja Ampat?

Gam Island Raja Ampat
Gam island drone view

Must-visit islands in Raja Ampat include Batanta, Gam, Arborek, and Piaynemo, each offering unique experiences such as jungle treks, cultural encounters, and panoramic vistas.

Soul Scuba divers are making trips full day trips to these islands. Read more details about our Adventure trips

What are the best diving spots in Raja Ampat?

Cape Kri Dive Site Raja Ampat
Fatur and massive school of Jacks at Cape Kri @Erik Kiskonen

Raja Ampat is home to some of the best diving spots in the world, including iconic sites like Cape Kri, Blue Magic, and Melissas garden. These sites offer opportunities to encounter a wide variety of marine life, from colorful reef fish to majestic manta rays.

If you would like to know our dive guides favorite dive sites, read more from here

What is the weather like in Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat experiences a tropical climate with two main seasons: the dry season (October to April) and the wet season (May to September). During the dry season, the weather is generally calm and dry, with occasional rain showers. The wet season brings more frequent rainfall and occasional storms, but diving is still possible and can offer unique experiences. Wet season in Raja Ampat means, it rains in the nights and in the morning and clear during the days.

How long should I plan to stay in Raja Ampat?

The ideal duration of your stay in Raja Ampat depends on your interests and travel preferences. Many visitors opt for a week/two week long trip to fully explore the diverse islands and dive sites, while others choose to extend their stay for a more immersive experience. Whether you have a few days or a few weeks, Raja Ampat offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

Booking advanced is highly recommended, via online booking we take min. 6 dives per diver. If you wish to do less, you can come and book your dives at the dive center :)

Ready to embark on your Raja Ampat adventure?

Contact Soul Scuba Divers today to start planning your dream dive trip in this breathtaking archipelago.


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