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Staff day in kali biru - raja ampat

Kali Biru Blue River In Raja Ampat
Kali Biru in Raja Ampat

Soul scuba divers - Sunday's we are closed

Sundays we are closed, in Raja Ampat most of the people are christian religious and therefore all operations are closed on Sundays. Read our previous blog post

This is also the day when we are out from the office and our working environment to have a time exploring Raja Ampat as a team. It is nice to have spent time together, everyone has same day off and we are able to make nice picnic’s into different islands.

famous Kali Biru

This Sunday we went to a place called Kali Biru, blue river near by Waisai. This natural pools with fresh water is perfect spot to cool you off in the hot days. Natural crystal clear turquoise color water by surrounded limestones gives the name Kali Biru which means blue river in Indonesian language.You can access to this Kali Biru by car from Waisai, ask tourist info center in the Waisai harbour or rent a motorbike to make your way to the village called Warsambim where you can get long boat into the entry point of the Kali Biru. Easy 400 meter walk with beautiful view spotting different birds on the way.

You will need a

Longboat ride 500,000 IDR per boat to the entry point.

Entry ticket is 100,000 IDR per person.

We prepared lunch to take with us and enjoyed in the area near by the blue river. Jungle covers the area and gives your nice natural shadesand you have stunning scenery to take pictures. refreshing river water was perfect choice for the hot day like we had on Sunday. There is wooden platform to jump into water and wooden stairs to climb back.

Blue river in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Soul scuba staff in Blue river

I hope that you had also nice weekend !

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