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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Paradise island life
Photo by Tim Noack @timbocean

Raja Ampat offers numerous dive sites, with various flora, fauna and topology. From Soul Scuba dive center, there are about 40 dives sites accessible from 5 to 20 minutes boat ride, including Cape Kri, Blue Magic, Sardines Reef, Sawandarek, Mike’s Point or Chicken Reef. In addition most of these dive sites have different entry and exit points depending on the tide. Each reef is also big enough to be dive several times and they will look like a complete new dive site to you.

Moreover we offer weekly day trips to further destinations such as the famous Melissa’s garden during our Piaynemo trip or the P-47 Thunderbolt plane wreck on Wai Island during our Batanta trip. Finally many people come here to see mantas when it is the season and we of course offer half day trips to Arborek and the close-by cleaning stations named Manta Sandy or Manta Ridge.

Most of the people do two to four dives per day (see article on night dives), 6 days per week (see article Sunday we are closed), which makes it about 30 dives in two weeks. Hence a two-weeks stay with us will allow you to have a good overview of what Raja Ampat and Soul Scuba divers can offer, without being bored and with a perspective on what you could see if you come back !

Sweet Lips At Cape Kri Raja Ampat
Photo by Tim Noack @timbocean

In addition, if you stay two weeks, you can see the changes of the sea due to the tides. You will be able to experience strong current in the days close to the full or new moon and softer one close to the half moon. In addition, by staying two weeks you will experience some days with high tide in the morning, low tide in the afternoon and some days the other way around.

So don’t wait, book your holiday with us, we cannot wait to show you our paradise !


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